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Taking Care of Diabetic Hands

Taking care of your diabetic hands is equally as important as taking care of your feet. Hands can become infected just as easily as feet and checking your hands and skin daily for any cuts, bruises and possible infections is a critical part of diabetic care. Our article on Taking Care of your Diabetic Hands […]

Miracle of Skin

The Miracle of Skin

Skin is a miracle, and healthy skin is very important if you live with Diabetes. I wrote this article to help you understand more about Diabetic skin, specifically the skin of the feet. For more information on diabetes, please call 1-800-DIABETES or visit Contact your local American Diabetes Association at 1-888-DIABETES to learn about […]


Stay Healthy with Diabetes

As medical technology improves, Diabetics can enjoy a relatively normal lifestyle by following some simple guidelines. A big part of keeping healthy with diabetes is taking proper care of the skin, paying particular care to the hands and feet. You can stay healthy with diabetes.   For more information on diabetes, please call 1-800-DIABETES or […]

Dr. Greenfields Help for Diabetics Blog

Dr. Greenfield’s Help for Diabetics Blog

Hi, I’m Dr. Stanley Greenfield, a PhD pharma-ceutical chemist, with a personal reason to pour my time, skill and passion into my diabetic skincare business. As a child, I observed the struggles of diabetic family members in attempting to manage their disease. Now as an adult, I’ve witnessed my son’s struggle with Type 1 Diabetes. If you […]

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